Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bresnan's 2nd Birthday

We headed back to Disney to celebrate Bresnan's 2nd birthday.  On Saturday we did Magic Kingdom with Grandpa and Nana and saw Mickey who did some flying magic.

 On Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios and met some characters..
 Phineas and Ferb and Coronation Bryn
 Brian promised Bryn a new princess dress and we were all surprised with her choice!  But she couldn't resist the wig to match and she actually got it!
 Bresnan with Buzz, a favorite in his book!
 Lightning McQueen!  Not sure he even knows who he is...
 Happy Birthday, Buddy!
 He was so excited with his train table!
 He wouldn't even leave to blow out his candles
 My wish for you...
A great weekend with my favorite 2 year old boy!

Disney Princess visit and no more tooth!

I planned a trip to Disney just after Bryn's dentist appointment.  We found out that she needed to have her front tooth pulled due to an abscess.  
It was the perfect time to reward her!
 Elsa is of course a favorite!
 Anna was sweet 
 Storytime with Belle was so much fun!  Bryn played Maurice.  She was so happy to finally meet Belle in her yellow dress!  (FYI she is in her blue dress at Epcot and only yellow here)

Bryn was so brave the day she had her tooth pulled!  She still has such a cute smile!

Happy New Year

We had the Robinson and Sinclair families come to the house for New Year's Eve.  Cole brought his firetruck so all the kids could drive and race!

 Cole and Bryn hug after they "tie" in their race :)
 Bryn, Cole, and Parker practicing for the New Year!
 The girls and the kids: Marlena with Parker and Carter, Me with
 Bryn and Bresnan, and Debbie with Cole
 IPad snuggle time with Parker
Debbie brought us Renee and Brian champagne.  
This pretty much sums up our night :)
Happy New Year from us to you!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Merry Christmas, 2014!

I attempted to take Christmas card pictures.  One afternoon, two outfit changes, 
and five fun shots.  Only one photo was used, but I enjoy them all!

Christmas morning was so much fun.  Bryn was very excited, Bresnan 
didn't know what was going on, but the minute he saw the red jeep he 
was in Heaven!  It was hard to get him out of it!

 First gift, Frozen chocolate eggs!  "I wanted these"
 He is thinking…"Why would I open a present when I can pretend to drive a Jeep?"
 The one and only thing she asked Santa for, Elsa singing doll!
Buzz and the Jeep…notice all the presents behind him with green ribbon on them - Bryn eventually got to help him open more ;)

These are all the pictures I have.  I made a choice this year to set up the video camera and leave it running so that I could be present in the day instead of making sure I capture the moment.  I will make that choice again!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bryn's 4th Birthday

We decided to plan a party for Bryn for all her Michigan friends.  
When we were visiting in October we went shopping and decided 
on Strawberry Shortcake.  We were all excited for her big day!

 Not the best picture, but Denise Turmell made shirts for all the kids; strawberries for girls and baseballs for boys.  Bryn left while I decorated because she wanted it to be a surprise.
 We are ready!
 Jenn Cubitt outdid herself on this beautiful cake creation!
 Bryn's favorite part and what she was most excited about - the piƱata!
Thanks to Cole, it was broken into!

Present opening

Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby girl!

Thanksgiving Michigan Snow

We were so excited to head to Michigan for Thanksgiving this year because 
the forecast projected SNOW!  When we arrived, we were told that the forecast had 
changed and we weren't going to get any.  So when we woke up to snow one morning,
 we all bundled up to play in the snow.  Bresnan cried throughout the bundling process
 (true Florida boy) until he got out in the snow and then LOVED it!
 All those layers and he still looks cold!

 He was a true character in "A Christmas Story", he would fall over and could not get back up.  I had to grab him and pull him upright and still he would laugh every time!
 Happy Girl!
 Could it get any better than this?
(Yes it can because we are only visiting!)

 He kept sticking his face in the drift to eat it
 Snow slide
 The lake looks COLD
 We built the princesses a snow castle

I dragged the family back out again for a photo shoot.
Come on, we live in Florida and won't see snow for AT LEAST a year...
 not thrilled...
 that' s the spirit!
 I'll take it!
 Beautiful baby girl
 Bryn behind the camera
 The rugged look
up close and personal